I was very cautious and careful of any movement after a hip dislocation.

I can walk with stamina, for longer distance and increased pace. Balance and other exercises have help a lot. I felt that all exercises were individually tailored to my age and physical condition.

Ingeborg H.

Sharp pain in my rib cage (left side) due to a hairline fracture. This condition was not healing by itself. It had been this way on and off for several months.

The condition is about 90% better with treatment and exercise within a few weeks. Expect to be playing golf again (and add about 20-30 yards to my drive!).

Gary S.

Two years ago I was involved in a serious car accident resulting in a loss of consciousness and a left shoulder and upper body injury. It was difficult and painful to transfer from a standing to lying down position or vice versa. The doctor put my arm in a sling and prescribed Vicodin and physical therapy.

I never filled the prescription for Vicodin as I am sensitive to strong medication, I opted for over the counter pain meds and physical therapy. Ewa Zaborowski at EZ-Rehab used several modalities including laser and massage therapy and instruction in an exercise routine. She encouraged me to follow the routine and not allow frozen shoulder syndrome to develop. After a few weeks my shoulder and upper body felt normal again. I have continued to exercise on my own and my body is in good shape.
Thank you EZ-Rehab!

Paula S.

I had lower back pain and my leg hurt so that I was limping. Surgee worked on strengthening my lower back, several times commenting that the limp was possibly caused from a hip problem. It was confirmed with an MRI that I was in need of a hip replacement.

My hip has been replaced and now working on further strengthening my lower back. I am convinced why the recovery time from the hip replacement was so fast was because of the strengthening of my lower back and legs prior to the surgery prescribed during the therapy sessions with Surgee and exercises she recommended for me to do at home.

Karen S.