Dear Ewa,

I had severe left neck pain, limited range of motion of neck, particularly upon turning of the neck to the left side.

I have marked improvement of the range of motion of the left side of neck. The pain has decreased by 75% and degree of remaining 25% is much decreased in degree of pain. It is more like soreness rather than pain.

Al M.

Dear Ewa,

My right upper side was unable to move due to a stroke – from my fingers to my shoulder.

I am perfect with perfect mobility. Ewa saved my life with her special massages and following her instructions working hard on the Pilates machines. She has amazing patience and a totally positive outlook on my recovery. She understood the physiological affects the the stroke incurred and had an excellent knowledge of what exercises to do in order to set my functions back.

Helene P.

Dear Ewa,

With a surgically repaired fractured right patella that had been immobilized in a full leg brace for about 4 months, I think I was just beginning some weight bearing using a walker. It was a big step from the wheelchair to the walker and manipulating a walker to climb and descend the 20 stairs to my home was a tremendous challenge.

Thanks to my wonderful therapist at EZ-Rehab, I now have a completely normally functioning right leg except the surgically inserted pins prevent me from kneeling. My orthopedic surgeon has given me permission for all normal activities including a return to my aerobics class. From there it’s on to the Senior Olympics! Yes, there were days of discouragement, but Ewa provided a nurturing confidence that step by step I would get there. Thanks Ewa, you never let me down, or let me feel down for long – your outstanding professional expertise, your caring and concern, and your conviction about my ability to heal made it possible.

Jan L.

Dear Dr. Zaborowski,

I long ago intended to write you, time is an illusion for me these days! I wish to thank you…your clinic and your clinician, Surgee, with whom I worked have been wonderful and very effective.

I do commend your R/X of Vertigo…Vidette has been gracious and helpful; the office was run very efficiently while you were gone.

I mentioned Dr. Valla of Whisper Hearing Center and his recommendation of your clinic, I have thanked him. Again, I thank you. Your therapy has been very helpful…I do so appreciate your work.

Sincerely, Betty C. G.