Ewa Zaborowski

DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Ewa (pronounced Eva) brings over twenty-years of knowledge and experience as a physical therapist, specializing in multiple orthopedic and neurological conditions. Her knowledge and experience span from studying and working in Poland, to Canada and the United States. Ewa is very passionate and dedicated to helping her patients return to a functional life. Her unique specialties include Chronic Pain Therapy, Vestibular Therapy and Rehabilitation (VR) and Balance Retraining Physical Therapy (BRPT).

  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy – Boston University, 2007
  • Masters in Motor Rehabilitation – Warsaw University, 1985
Advanced Training:
  • Advances in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Certificate – Duke University, 2014
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Training Course, Certificate – Emory University, 2010
  • Feldenkrais Method, Certificate – 1998
  • Pilates Training, Certificate – 1995
Professional Specialty:
  • Chronic Pain Therapy and Management
  • Vestibular Balance Therapy (VRT)
  • Fall Prevention and Balance Re-training Physical Therapy (BRPT)
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Post Surgery Recovery
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation