Physical Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain can make it pretty difficult to get around. Whether you're suffering from a swollen knee, patella problems, a ligament injury, or arthritis, the pain can make it hard to run, walk, or even sit down. Luckily, there's help. No matter what kind of knee pain you're experiencing, in most cases, seeing a physical therapist is the right choice for treatment. Physical therapists have the expertise and training to alleviate your pain and guide you toward recovery. It's effective for many knee conditions: Physical therapy is proven to reduce both knee cap pain and arthritis-associated pain of the knee. Physical therapy is beneficial to patients before and after knee replacement surgery. It's cost effective: With physical therapy, you won't have to keep spending money on a maintenance program: the goal is to help you achieve a complete recovery. Your physical therapist looks at more than just your knee: A detailed examination might reveal that additional factors are...
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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder pain doesn't only occur in athletes, and it's not always a result of an accident. The fact is, you can get shoulder pain from doing household chores, lifting heavy objects, or sleeping the wrong way. One day, you might be helping your friend move furniture, and the next day you can barely get a shirt over your head. If you experience shoulder pain while dressing, lifting, sleeping or carrying things, you should know about a clinically proven solution: physical therapy. Your therapist can help relieve your pain, restore movement, and recover strength without having to undergo surgery or use medications. It's a powerful form of treatment: Physical therapy has been shown to improve shoulder movement in patients with even the most serious of shoulder injuries. It can help alleviate pain for people with long-standing shoulder issues. It's as effective as other treatment options but doesn't have...
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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

We all know the story: you wake up one morning with a stiff neck and the next thing you know, it's been three days before you can get a good night's sleep. Soon, your neck pain is making it hard to function in your daily life. The question is, what if this lasts for a few weeks, or even a few months? The answer is simple: turn to a physical therapist. Whether your neck pain is the result of an unfortunate accident or from sleeping in an awkward position, a physical therapist can help alleviate your pain and reduce the risk of it returning. It can relieve your pain: The hands-on treatment of a physical therapist is proven to help treat chronic neck pain.1 It's more effective than other treatment options: An active physical therapy program combined with hands-on care is more effective than home exercise or...
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