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"Ewa Zaborowski has superior credentials and exceptional talent. She demonstrates evidence to support a positive connection between the body-mind and physical therapy to promote healthy living...."

Alan Kimelman, MD

"I enjoy her sense of humor, which is important to me.... ....after 2 months I have no pain, and can get out of bed in the morning!..."

Tony V.

"I had chronic pain that no other therapist was able to improve....she cares about you feeling better.....after working with Ewa, I am more active with an improved quality of life and less pain..."

Phil S.

"I started with Ewa after a back injury....I have returned to all my previous activities, including horseback riding three times a week....She inspired me and has been an inspiration...."

Martha I.

"I had a bilateral hip replacement...she helped me get back on my feet unassisted by crutches in 3 weeks!.....I know the surgeon might have had something to do with that, but Ewa was amazing!..."

Iris Ross, PT

"I was impressed at how thorough she was in her evaluation....she found the problem right away....great sense of humor!..."

Ron D.

About Us

Ewa Zaborowski - DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ewa Zaborowski Ewa has over twenty-years experience as a physical therapist, specializing in multiple orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Her experience has spanned from working in Poland to Canada and the United States.

She formed her Marin County practice in 2003.

Therapy Philosophy

Her rehabilitation philosophy focuses on a holistic, but practical and scientific healing approach that includes close collaboration with the patient's physician to ensure a thorough evaluation.

Her thorough evaluation approach and knowledge of medical diagnostics allows her to pinpoint the root cause of the patient's problem and question doctors orders if necessary.

Referring physicians have a deep respect for her broad clinical knowledge and defer to her evaluation if she believes the orders need to change.

She also believes that a speedy recovery is based on the patient working hard, but safely within the limits of their ability.

It is important to her that her patients leave every session "feeling better", but also that the patient has an "enjoyable and fun" experience during their treatment which has a strong healing benefit.

She adopts a very professional, yet "light hearted" approach to her therapy that makes her patients feel totally relaxed which helps them focus on their treatment tasks.

Treatment Specialties and Capabilities

Throughout Ewa's career, she has constantly expanded her knowledge and skills through ongoing education and certification in new therapy approaches some of which include:

  • Manual Therapy including Deep Tissue Mobilization
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Feldenkris
  • Pilates

Her varied experience across many fields of physical therapy allows her to work with patients of all ages with many different conditions where she specializes in:

  • Chronic Pain Management
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Post Surgery Recovery


  • Doctorate in Physical Therapy - Boston University 2007
  • Masters in Motor Rehabilitation - Warsaw University 1985
  • Pilates Practitioner
  • Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner


Ewa is passionate about horse riding and enjoys skiing.


Ewa specializes in vestibular rehabilitation & neurological disorders and uses a variety of techniques fo ra balanced treatment including Pilates & Feldenkrais. Her rehabilitation philosophy focuses on a holistic, but practical and scientific healing approach that includes close collaboration with the patient's physician to ensure a thorough evaluation. Her 20+ years of physical therapy has developed a very intuitive process with her patients.


Susan Susan specializes in post surgery recovery and orthopedic physical therapy. Her ability to assess gait pattern and improve balance for our patients has been vital to our practice. She has a supportive, hospitible approach with her patients that leaves them with the confidence to achieve their therapy goals. She particularly enjoys working with older people to sustain their independence and quality of life.

Jeff Bott, Certified Personal Trainer

Jeff Bott Jeff is a bay area native, and grew up in Marin County. He attended the University of Washington, where he received a degree in Law, Society, and Justice. Jeff has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer since 2006. He specializes in strength and conditioning, improving flexibility and muscle imbalances, and nutritional counseling and weight loss support. Jeff has had a lifelong passion for studying martial arts. With over 20 years of experience in multiple disciplines, Jeff is always eager to share his knowledge.


Kim Kim maintains a friendly and encouraging atmosphere utilizing a caring, patient and flexible approach. Her philosophy is to approach treatment as a coach in the "sport" of everyday activities to work toward your specific goals. Kim has specialized in the treatment of in neurological conditions for the past 23 years in all levels of recovery / management. Kim is excited about joining the EZ Rehab team in the arms of Mt. Tam, where she was born and raised.


Iona Iona grew up in Hawaii where she spent her time riding horses and hanging at the beach. After high school she moved to Arizona to pursue a dual degree in Public Relations and Advertising at Northern Arizona University. After graduation, she moved to San Francisco to complete an internship in the publicity department of an international publishing house. Iona took time off from the professional world to work with horses for a few years before settling down as the Office Manager of EZ Rehab.